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On Life & more by Justin Halpern

It is becoming a rarity (because of work and me juggling at least two books at a time), but yesterday, after a long time, I finished a book in just few hours.

The book's name is "Sh*t My Dad Says" and it is written by Justin Halpern.

An insanely hilarious book, the lesson it imparted was prophetic. And yes, for most of the book, though I was laughing my heads off, I still managed to jot down my most favorite excerpts (call them gems!) from the book, for keepsake and for sharing with you all, so that it can make you wiser, just as it made me.

From "Sh*t My Dad Says" by Justin Halpern

On Showing Fear:

"When it's asshole-tightening time, that's when you see what people are made of. Or at least what their assholes is made of.

On Sharing:

"....If he wants to be an asshole and not share, then that's his right. You always have the right to be an asshole - you just shouldn't use that right very often."

On Dealing with Bullies:


Books and more books

For people who know me, know how close reading and books are to my heart and how Shweta (my wife) and I have this whole library stock of books at our home.

In just between yesterday and today, I have been able to mop off 2 books which I was reading at a snail's pace. Apart from that, I started off 2 new ones, out of which I did finish off one just in few hours, which is becoming a rarity now-a-days.

Hence it will be understatement to say that this week has been phenomenal to me, at least, up until now.

The two I wrapped up, though covered diametrically opposite aspects, at the heart, they both were business books:

The Real Deal by James Caan is a brave and courageous autobiography, which covers nifty aspects of businesses. What, actually makes it brave was that, despite being a celebrity, James Caan, stayed truthful in his personal stories and with a lot of candor, spoke about the journey which he undertook to find himself, considering he was an Asian and a Muslim. For the�…