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Reading List for an aspiring Product Manager

While at a event yesterday, discussing what an aspiring product manager should read, I mentioned the list of blogs I usually read. It ignited a lot of discussion. So here I am sharing the list of all what I usually read. Please take your pick.

VC Blogs:
Fred Wilson Blog : AVCBenedict Evans: Suster: https://bothsidesofthetable.comHunter Walk: https://hunterwalk.comSam Altman: http://blog.samaltman.comPaul Graham: http://www.paulgraham.comChris Dixon: Feld: http://www.feld.comProduct Management Blog: Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG): https://stratechery.comAccidental Product Manager: http://theaccidentalpm.comGood PM, Bad PM: Ben Horowitz Seminal paper on Product ManagementTechnology News: Global (Primary): http://www.techmeme.comGlobal (Secondary): https://www.techinasia.comTechCircle: http://techcircle.vccircle.comApp: Nuzzel: My Reading List:https://www.good…