How to Effectively Read An S-1

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are back in business. and with them, come tons of S-1. A Form S-1 is the initial registration form that private companies file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when they intend to file for IPOs. It looks like this Form S-1 Now, whether you invest or not, I totally recommend reading a S-1 because it is a gold mine! It teaches you so much not only about that specific company but also: 1. How much the company intends to raise and how they plan to spend? 2. What do they believe their moat is? 3. What is the risk they see in the future (no matter how hunky-dory the business model looks like from outside) 4. Competitive analysis of not just the company but also the industry they operate in 5. How is the company's financial performance, so that you can tie in the truths and PRs properly Reading a complete S-1 of a company is extremely time-consuming and to be honest, quite a waste of time. For example, this Asana S-1 is more than 161