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How to crack that Product Manager Interview

This post has been long due. Around a month back, I did a talk on "How to Play & Win the Product Management Career Game" which was my way of saying "How to crack that elusive Product Manager Interview". Now most of us end up reading, Cracking the PM Interview , because everyone else has read that and it is a lovely book. But the challenge with it in the Indian context is, that well, it doesn't really fit in. To crack Indian company interviews, every good PM ends up making his own "Cracking the PM Interview". The attached presentation is mine. I am kind of open sourcing it so that more people can benefit off it. Please do let me know your feedback and share it with others who you believe are preparing for PM interviews. Anyone who needs further help can reach out directly. Will be happy to help in person. How to play & win the product management career game from Ankur Sharma

Lessons from Cirque Du Soleil

Last year, Cirque Du Soleil , came for the first time to India. For the uninitiated, Cirque Du Soleil, is the largest theatrical producer in the world and renowned for their shows all over the world especially in Las Vegas. It is a 34 year old organisation and has been a pioneer in terms of live stage show innovations. When they came to India, they especially designed their 43rd show, Bazzar , comprising Indian performers and even a performance based on Indian traditional sport called  Mallakhamba I went to see them with the family and it was revelation watching them. I learnt a lot about running a show and making sure the experience stays with the audience even after they leave the performance. Sharing some thoughts. Teamwork works best with things at stake for team members  : Almost all of their performance were team bound. They were such a marvellous piece of teamwork despite being dangerous, that each one can be taught as case study. What really worked in my op