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The problem with mass mailers is

that they are "MASS" mailers. They are not written to me, they are not written for me and yet they land up in my inbox day after day, week after week, month after month.  So here is a solution: I need these mass mailers to be renamed as -mailers where denotes my name I need -mailers to talk to me Don't ask me how for #2. After all every time I transact with your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter profile; I leave so much of my critical information there like my name, browsing history, demographics - go and use that Make me partner in crime - use my information to benefit me.  See which city/country/hotel/airline I book and get deals on those for me at my -mailer See what do I read and publish that for me at my -mailer. Don't give all the junk authors I don't care about When you will do all this, may be our relationship can finally get better!

Digital N U - My Seminar at Christ University

Last Friday (1st October, 2011); I had an opportunity to talk at Christ University , with the First Year Marketing Student. I did a small presentation, explaining students what I do, explaining them what is Digital Media, what are its sacred pillars (according to me - clearly arguable) and how it can work for them in India. But it became interesting after that. It was students who made it a worth while session. They were intrigued, involved, and their quality of questions they asked blew me away! They made me realized that it's not the IIMs but the institutes like Christ, where management education is being re-invented. The seminar's excerpt is also featured at Christ University's Marketing Club Mouthpiece Here is the presentation. Let me know your thoughts and how can I make it better. Digital media and you View more presentations from Ankur Sharma

Affiliate Program Marketing Strategy

The presentation lists down the Marketing Strategy of an Affiliate Program in terms of what is it exactly, why you should do it, why your affiliates should subscribe to the idea, what are various channels to promote it in today's world & what kind of affiliate profiles you should target!Check out this SlideShare Presentation and please email me at for any further information and/or details on this. Affiliate Program Marketing Strategy View more presentations from Ankur Sharma .

Can you replace sweets from the sweetshop?

The answer is that somebody is already trying to do it! That somebody is Cadbury India, which, for their product, Dairy Milk Chocolate, has come up with a brilliant tag line - "Kuch meetha ho jai" which literally translates in English to, "Let's have something sweet" and which generally is used by Indians as a proposal to have sweets. What else is good about this strategy. It's the way Cadbury India has backed their tag line with their Marketing campaign, Advertising and Brand Positioning. But most importantly it's their distribution channel which has been making sure that Dairy Milk Chocolate is present by the side of Gulab Jamun and Barfi, at every sweetshop, no matter how deep you go into the rural areas . No wonder this specific chocolate alone holds 30% value share of the Indian chocolate market. Next time you hear organizations complaining about their Marketing Campaigns not producing desired results despite being brilliant, you know what they need

Is Talking same as Walking?

When established organizations enter into their competitive industry segment claiming that there is still a room for other players,why did their marketing defy their claims? So while the tag line of Tate DOCOMO says that you should "Do the New", Reliance GSM suggest you to "Go For it"; both trying to convince existing GSM subscribers to move away from their existing service providers. They don't realize that today's "smart" customer can see through the gap between what they preach and what they end up doing. Isn't it the time for organizations to walk their talk?