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The problem with mass mailers is

that they are "MASS" mailers. They are not written to me, they are not written for me and yet they land up in my inbox day after day, week after week, month after month.  So here is a solution: I need these mass mailers to be renamed as -mailers where denotes my name I need -mailers to talk to me Don't ask me how for #2. After all every time I transact with your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter profile; I leave so much of my critical information there like my name, browsing history, demographics - go and use that Make me partner in crime - use my information to benefit me.  See which city/country/hotel/airline I book and get deals on those for me at my -mailer See what do I read and publish that for me at my -mailer. Don't give all the junk authors I don't care about When you will do all this, may be our relationship can finally get better!

Sony Mix - Addressing the long tail of music (traditional media)

I don't even need to speak how Apple changed Music Industry using iTunes. Most importantly, they tapped the long tail of songs which were almost impossible to sell for the Brand labels and impossible to buy for music affectionados. They end up contributing to roughly 10%-15% of the iTunes music sales now. To understand in more detail as to long tail has contributed to iTunes Marketplace , check out Ryan Hupfer 's graph.    In India, a similar effort in now being forged by Sony Mix , the new music channel by Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment ). In their "About Us" they explain their product positioning as "Moving into the gap created by erstwhile music channels rechristened as ‘youth channels’ and other music channels dishing out non-music content as interstitial programming, we are confident that viewers shall enjoy MIX as a channel that remains true to the music genre." A good stab at MTVs and Ch