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Reflection on 2019 or How to Build Habits

In my college, there was a culture of junior year giving seniors farewell. One of the question, which I was asked by my juniors was, that what would be one thing they should not stop doing and I said — ‘learning’ I have always hedged for learning, knowing from the life that money nad happiness follows if you keep learning. 2019 was a year where this truly got tested. I moved out of my comfort zone. I took a one-way ticket with my family and left Bangalore, my ‘real’ home, where I had a support system, had friends. It was on the belief that as long as you keep learning and keep building new things, life will take care of itself. Now I am working in London, with a belief that it will give me an opportunity to be a part to build a new category.  The other large victory I had in 2019 was in a way I re-wired my brain to think about goals and habits in life.  It started with an exercise I do at the beginning of the year. Every year, I set up personal goals, and take feedback fr