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Do what scares you

CC image by Rosmarie Voegtli Fear is actually a funny thing. The biochemical reaction of fear always prompts you to " fight or flight " while emotional response is very personal to everyone. One of the my personal fear has always been cooking. Yes I know it may sound silly to a lot of wonderful cooks out there, but phobias have no reasonings. Now this is despite of me being a foodie and blessed in my life with wonderful cooks at home, from my mom to my wife now. What's more I have role models in the form of my father and father-in-law to my brothers who all know to how to cook and cook wonderfully! I don't remember now where it started. I don't know if it was because I have always had a extra sensitive skin towards heat. Or whether because I feel I won't be able to end up with the perfect dish. So here is my 2016 to-do: I will look my fear in its eyes. I will learn how to cook. And it starts today! Together with Shweta, we have come up wi

Uncertain at best - Incompetent at worst!

Getting out of comfort zone is sexy! But is it really so? With all the Seth Godins of the world touting it as the next best thing to do, it surely has become glamorous to talk and rave about it. Though what happens when this secure bubble really bursts? (or you break out of it, due to its sheer sex appeal) Well, for people who have already not seen this transition - it can leave you feeling uncertain at the best of the times, while incompetent at the worst of hours. There would be no peer network to fall back upon, who already know that "you are the best". In fact, it will be the process to start all over. Making new friends, failing all over, building credibility all over and it gets tougher by the day since all this comes along with the expectations to deliver! As they say, "Take calculated risk, it's better than being rash" And now that you have the both the sides of coin on breaking out of comfort zone; take the leap only if it suits you and