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Don't Shit

just because you know (or you think, you know) that someone can clean it after you. Instead do it right the first time. And if you can't do that, just get rid of that responsibility doyen which doesn't allow you to think without being corrupt, biased, irrational. That's the least you can do to push the humanity to be a part of thought based approach of work as against factory based approach of work.

Why did the last person leave?

Could be a thorn of a question, especially if not asked. Better still put a positive spin, and ask as Business Insider says , "Am I replacing someone or is this a new position?"

Cardinal Rule of Office Politics

An employee would never ever pick a tiff with her peer for the sake of her subordinate She may pretend or tell the subordinate otherwise, but you know it better! Some people, however, just don't get it.......

Did you hire that JERK!?

So you are interviewing and you feel that you have got the best person for the job. Fast forward 90 days: You are sure that 90 days back, the person whom you found the best person for the job and for the team is a jerk. So much so, that you are ready to bet your fortune on it! So much so, that it has become a public act! Actually it didn’t take you 90 days to figure that out, but isn’t 90 days what every management book tells you should wait before making a judgment over a new employee? Now the perils this jerk can bring are that: 1. She can drive away other talented people simply by being annoying, acting tough, unlikable or simple by being know-it-all. 2. Her personal limitations can prevent her from accepting the change is what she needs and not everyone around her 3. She won’t be able to let the organization drive changes even if it’s a do or die situation 4. To top it all, everyone will know that you have brought this jerk onboard and they will talk about it in hush-h