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Get Brilliant at Asking!

I am great at making commitments to myself but if it were not for my commitment buzzer, my wife Shweta, I would have missed at least a couple of them. so here I am visiting a shopping mall with my parents and brothers(who are visiting us) on the weekend and wife reminds me of my commitment to take them to a restaurant close which I love because of its innovative ambiance and its lovely food (I am a big foodie!) In one section of this restaurant there is this train coupe' which is the center attraction of this restaurant. The only glitch is that it serves only 4 people at a table. Now coming to this restaurant and not sitting in the coupe' on the same table with the whole family doesn't make sense. So what did I do? I went and asked the manager permission for all 6 of us to sit in the coupe’. I didn't push. I was polite. And I gave him the solution upfront so that he can think about it instead of thinking for the possible solution. And he agreed! But the brilliance of…