Is Talking same as Walking?

When established organizations enter into their competitive industry segment claiming that there is still a room for other players,why did their marketing defy their claims? So while the tag line of Tate DOCOMO says that you should "Do the New", Reliance GSM suggest you to "Go For it"; both trying to convince existing GSM subscribers to move away from their existing service providers.

They don't realize that today's "smart" customer can see through the gap between what they preach and what they end up doing.

Isn't it the time for organizations to walk their talk?


west said…
Agreed......but what gonna be the differential...

Telecom in India has not seen is witnessing greed...

I think a market with few player sat 4 to 5 is the best with 10 15 player making it a joke
Ankur Sharma said…
Replying to west :-

Completely agree with you. Indian Telecommunication market has still a lot more untapped potential like rural penetration and making money through VAS. My point is simply this - when new organizations instead of exploiting these untapped potential, try to play safe,in their comfort zone - are they really walking their talk?

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