Can you pump life in a dead man?

Passion - that's one of the key element in a team for a product or service to succeed. So what happens when you are given "dead men walking" to lead? How do you ignite passion in them to make sure they feel the part of a group and make the product/service they work upon, a success. Try answering these 3 questions for them:

1. Where are we going?

2. Why are we going there?

3. What's in it for them?

If you can answer these three questions for them, I can bet that you will have a team which can teach the whole world, real meaning of passion.

But what if you, yourself don't know the answers of these questions? - I would then suggest that face the reality - you are also a dead man walking and before you can infuse passion in your team, you need the oxygen mask yourself. Remember the instructions, air hostess gives before flight!

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