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Eye of a Tiger - Drishti'12 by Christ University

Around a month back, on 27th January 2012 I got an opportunity to be a part of a wonderful platform at Christ University in Bangalore.

The stage was Drishti'12 -  a platform for the visionaries of tomorrow to envision where India would stand by the year 2020. I was really fortunate that they choose me to be one of the judges among the three. The other two eminent judges were Prof. C.S.Dikshit and Srinivas S.

Bubbling with ideas and imagination, participants challenged their thought processes and presented on following topics:
Banking and FinanceEconomyScience and TechnologyInternational IssuesSocial IssuesEnvironmental Issues They painted a vivid picture of how India will look like in these areas by year 2020.

To me, the whole exercise was significant since it showed how India is preparing generation next to dream, break out of mold and imagine things which may look like very far, but in reality, catching up - changing fast.

A lot of work had gone by even before participants got on…

When we are not targets or traffic,

we are eyeballs!

But aren't we more than just unique traffic numbers? We are human beings who want the respect and treatment of a human being from the products we use.

And that's why I don't want to see the results which Charlie Sheen sees. I want to see what I want to see. After all technology enables behavior, it doesn't cause them.

Don't believe me? Hear out Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg