An open letter to My Superwoman

(Photo credit: Illustration by Emily Marcus/Standard-Examiner)

Dear You,

You changed me when we met. You zapped me. You made me, me.

You see, before, I was fat. With you, I am an athlete.

Before I had a job. With you, I have a career.

Before, I was ugly. With you, I am a lover. And I am a friend as well, and not lonely. I am not scared any more. I am alive.

We are so much better as one, you know. As one, we work.

One Half of Us.

Inspired from "Dear You" of Freaks


Shankar said…
ha ha ha
Harrsha Suri said…
Awesome Ankur! Good Luck to your oneness Man!
Unknown said…
Awesome Ankur! Good Luck to your oneness.

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