Happy Birthday Robin. Happy Birthday Toto.

Once upon a time, Mummy went to hospital. As any other kid, I was shit scared since I to had stay away from Mummy and hey! she was going to hospital :(

But then my Jaae Ji (Dadi) told me (we were born and brought up in a Sikh neighborhood, so though she was technically not my Dadi, but emotionally and spiritually she was much more than that), that she had gone to get a gift for me.

And Lo Behold! Mummy came back not with one, but 2 gifts.

Two cuddly cuddly mouse like brothers who become to me and my elder sister, a reason to come back home, smiling, from pretty "boring" school.

They both were unique from the day they were born.

Robin, believed in being skinny dipping all the time. 

Toto believed in chewing only the exotic stuff, and only rarest of rare - like - Papa's earlobes!

Today is their Birthday! Thank you Papa, Mummy for the most wonderful gift you have given to me, to us.

Happy Birthday Robin! Happy Birthday Toto!
You are two smartest, handsomest and most mature individuals!

Toto - Ankur - Robin - Ansh
Toto - Ankur - Robin - Ansh

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