Happy Birthday Gunda!

One year back, around this time there was a champ struggling to get into our lives.

From being Mumbai-cha-mulga arriving in a tub, he will soon be namma Bengaluru Hudga.

It's been an year and today while looking at his serene face while he was sleeping (which is only serene when he sleeps :P), Shweta and I kept wondering where did the year flew by!

I had this pang in the heart right at that moment, where-in all I could think of how I wish I could bottle his smell and these moments forever.

He has taught me more in one year, than I will ever be able teach him. He has dragged me back to being human.

Happy Birthday Ansh! To the first year of your life. May you stay child-like forever. May you stay hungry. May you stay foolish.

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