Reading List for an aspiring Product Manager

cc: Ben Ward

While at a event yesterday, discussing what an aspiring product manager should read, I mentioned the list of blogs I usually read. It ignited a lot of discussion. So here I am sharing the list of all what I usually read. Please take your pick.

VC Blogs:
  1. Fred Wilson Blog : AVC 
  2. Benedict Evans:
  3. Mark Suster:
  4. Hunter Walk:
  5. Sam Altman:
  6. Paul Graham:
  7. Chris Dixon:
  8. Brad Feld:
Product Management Blog:
  1. Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG):
  2. Stratechery:
  3. Accidental Product Manager:
  4. Good PM, Bad PM: Ben Horowitz Seminal paper on Product Management
Technology News:
  1. Global (Primary):
  2. Global (Secondary):
  3. TechCircle:

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